A Big Thank you to our fans around the world.

As R.U.S.T.X we don’t know were to Start.
From Piombino ? From Fismes? From Athens? From Great Yarmouth ? From Cyprus ?
We really don’t know. So many things we lived the past few months and it’s really a lot.So many good people , fantastic Rock n Rollers / Metallers. We really want to thank you ALL for being there for us and supporting us through this great Journey.
Andrea Ramacciotti Gino Sozzi and might Dark Quarterer Stathis Pavlantisand epic Reflection
Sylvain Steve Cot David Gang Malo Gang Bilk Gang and Fantastic Gang , Mario Ramjhun and Elaine Eddie Yates from Yarmageddon part 7 and Cyprus Rocks.
All the guys from Cyprus that travelled with us Nikoletta Kyprianou Jennifer Sevtali Nikolas Demetriou Nikoletta Louca ستيفن آنا Leda Cai Fanos , Θάλεια σκουλούτζιην
And of course all of you the Crazy Brothers and Sisters from the island that came in every concert of T. T.P.M TOUR 17/18. You know who you are.
A journey ends so that a new one Begins.
A new Era for R.U.S.T.X. begins.
It’s Composing time
Cheers and Stay tuned

Photoshop by Jeny.